We often run away from our real world and we seek the fortune and the satisfaction in the virtual worlds. We want are be seduced and entertain. But the art is also taken serious, particularly then, if her performs doit with honesty and knowledge, because, then it contains extraordinarily a lot of performances of spirit and ability.
Why true art?
Who are you?
What are we doing?
Where do we want?
Why true art?
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Art is message and diversion at the same time. She can be seriously and entertaining.
It has become us conscious that each artistic trend is subject to also the laws of the time, and so from new impulses is replaced. Whoever satisfies itself with old paint recipes inertly - usually is it felt brushworks - has no future! True art brings new view-manners and fastens at old traditions.
Art coins the culture of a bigger community and mirrors their vision of her world again.